An in-depth view of the components and styles that have shaped some of the most glorious and sophisticated landscape in Tuscany.

- Private gardens of the Florentine Aristocracy within the city walls

-The Anglo-American influence on great gardens and villas

-The Medici legacy in their grand parks

- Lucca’s villas and gardens and the influence of Napoleon era.

Examples of our Exclusive offerings and Special Private Access available in our programs:

• In depth tour of private gardens, among them ” Il Prato” of Pricipi Corsini, Marchesi Torrigiani’s private park and garden, the largest in Italy within the city walls(14 acres), and the famous “Giardino dei Boboli” legacy of Cosimo I de’ Medici, among others.

• We will have a garden expert with us at all times, to illustrate, together with technical aspects, the style of gardens influenced by affluent foreigners residents (mostly Anglo-Americans) who bought grand villas in the 1860’: Berenson’s“I Tatti”,”Rockefeller’s Le Balze” and others.

• The enormous influence of the Medici dynasty who left us grandiose gardens the likes of “Villa Medici a Castello”, “Villa Medici a Poggio a Caiano” which houses a stately park and a museum dedicated to the Medici collection of still life paintings,to mention but few.

• A day trip to the city of Lucca, where Napoleon’s sister Elisa Buonaparte lived for a period, and the influence of the imperial splendor can be seen in the design of many of its grand gardens: the former Royal Villa “La Marlia”, presently owned by Marchesa Francesca Antinori, “Villa Oliva” and others.

• Exclusive evening event: Enjoy the company of noble Florentines at an elegant dinner party in a grand private palace.

The entire program will be in a social context designed to meet some friends, prominent members of the Florentine society: meeting the owners at various gardens, a get together cocktail and dinner the evening of arrival, a social dinner at a private residence, once the house of Galileo Galilei, a lunch in one of the private gardens. In keeping with E&E Travel Society style, we will dine at superb restaurants, enjoy luxury accommodations, splendid food and excellent wines.

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