My Special Invitation to Italy  

We believe that travel should be so much more than just a trip; it  should be an unforgettable experience, rich in luxury, privilege and personal engagement.     

In all your travels, we will give you something special: a secret place, time to enjoy a meal with wonderful people, an unusual landscape, a lesser known, but perhaps more intimate work of art, the sensation that you “belong” to Italy while you are with us and become part of our very special group,  E&E Travel Society, Exclusivity and Excellence: a travel experience that is simply not available to others.  

I am Italian from a noble family dating  back to the 1400s and passionately involved in the arts. Through my family and friends personal involvement, we will take you far beyond great hotels and excellent restaurants: with  our cultural world and aristocratic society, enjoy sophisticated social occasions,  private visits to the most important museums, some of which will open their doors for you while closed to the public, luxury accommodations, splendid food, great wines.                                            

With  E & E Travel Society, Exclusivity & Excellence, great fun and sophisticated culture go hand in hand. This is our Italy, our way of life,  and we want to share it with you. 

Welcome to my world,   

Vittorio Carioni